First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock

What do I wear?

No matter what your personal style, you’ll be comfortable at First Baptist Church of Blowing Rock. If you prefer dressy, business, or casual attire, chances are there will be others dressed much like you no matter when you visit. You will find everything from jeans, pants and shorts or suits, dresses, ties and coats; whatever your style, you’ll be right at home with us. We want you to be comfortable with the attire you choose to worship in. Whether you like to dress up or dress down on Sunday mornings, you will fit in here!

Naturally, Wednesday evenings and our weekly small group times are much more casual than Sunday mornings, but feel free to dress as you prefer.

Preschoolers and children learn while they play. We encourage hands on play so that children are learning through all their senses. Painting and other “messy” activities are also encouraged, so use your own judgment about how dressed up your child is while at church.

Our Middle and High School students usually dress casually on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.


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